Benefit Auction for Rwanda - October, 2009
Organized by Graduates Betsy and David Kain

"Judy Nilsen deserves special recognition as does Pat Fulmer -- both donated more than one painting or assemblage...
They really, really need money in Rwanda and even more so in the Congo where children are truly starving to death.
Mothers of newborns are so malnourished that they cannot breastfeed their babies. The horrific problems go on and on...."

David Kain and Pat Fulmer 


Judy Nilsen, Ellie Freese, Florence Michel


Bob Fulmer and Dale Charpentier


Tom Nilsen, seated



Judy Nilsen with her art, and friends


Judy and art


Patty and art


Bob and Patty Fulmer


Ellen and Bob Lillley with Betsy Kain