Sylvia and Jerry Harwin and the extended family celebrate Sylvia's 90th birthday!
It may not be a Santa Barbara News-Press headline, but it's newsworthy just the same. On March 23, 2003, family and friends gathered to wish Sylvia Harwin "Many More" as she celebrates 90 years. After a buffet luncheon and a group rendition of new lyrics for "Give my Regards to Sylvia" with apologies to George M. Cohan, several family  members 
gave remarks on family life with Sylvia (and Jerry!).

A number of SB Newcomers and alumni were at the event, as were Graduates, 
Postcomers and members of dance and bridge clubs, Elings Park and many other Harwin-family involvements. 

Altogether a fun event, followed up with some music and dancing. 

We tried to capture the spirit of the event with the panorama below, 
and more of a close-up as Ellen Lilley chats with Jerry and Sylvia.

Harwin Party Panorama