Transition House Auxiliary's

13th Annual Mad Hatter Luncheon

"Anything Goes"

From Scene and Heard e-Magazine, April 23, 2010

 The luncheon was held at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel's Loggia Ballroom. The event attracted a wonderful group of Transition House supporters and it is always a reason for the ladies to show off their hats to their friends while helping a great cause. The ambiance of fun and enjoyment was felt throughout the eventTransition House President Kathryn Dinkin, Luncheon Chairs Elisabeth Smith and Soosan Marshall and the entire Auxiliary created an event to remember.


In an effort to decrease family homelessness and welfare dependence for the last 25 years, Transition House has provided food, shelter and services to Santa Barbara's families in need. Transition House helps families find ways to alleviate their poverty. Staff and volunteers work with them to discover, and sometimes create, realistic avenues to meet the goal of safe and affordable housing, a good and meaningful job that pays a decent living wage, and access to high quality childcare that is within the family's means. While working toward these goals, Transition House provides family centered support through strong case management and supportive services. The program Transition House has conceived and implemented is having remarkable results. On average, 60% return to permanent housing with the economic means to sustain it.


Transition House was started by volunteers in the community who took personal responsibility for their neighbors in need. Volunteers continue to do meaningful and essential work at Transition House. 1,200 volunteers account for 25% of agency resources. Transition House has adopted a philosophy to explain the underlying causes of family homelessness. Using that philosophy as a basis, a strategy has evolved to solve homelessness for capable and motivated families, and to end their reliance on public assistance.


The philosophy is that the root cause of family homelessness is poverty. There may be other contributing factors, but underlying it all is poverty.




Luncheon Chairs Elisabeth Smith and Soosan Marshall




Invitation Chair Diane White, Luncheon Chairs Elisabeth Smith and Soosan Marshall, and Decoration Chair Irene Chambers







Jane Litchfeild, Mavis Mayne, Calla Gold and Ellen Lilley





Ellen Lilley





Mimi Veyna & Pam Webber